​Kim   24 March, 2016

At The Green Zone in Maricopa. Just had the best neck and back massage done by Josh. AMAZING! I can't wait for next time.

What Clients Are Saying

​Kim   3 August, 2016

Very professional, great hand techniques, and addresses customer's issues of painful areas that need most of the attention. AWESOME!

Tim G.  6 April, 2017

Josh is great. I will use him frequently. I think he'll be one of those great massage therapists that is always booked so I'm glad I'm his client now. This is not a solicited review, I found him from a web search.

Metro Leasing   24 March, 2016

Could Not be happier with the service that we get from this company.. You are assured a top notch massage every time. Highly recommend them.

Tiffany     02 January, 2016

Just had my first massage by Simple Massage tonight. Fantastic! My therapist was professional, on time and brought everything needed to make my experience great. I will definitely be booking again.

Libby  20 January, 2017

Josh is very professional and qualified. I have been getting fantastic massages from him for years. I suggest using him if in pain, discomfort, stress or could simply use a relaxing massage.

Eric O.   11 March, 2017

I was having trouble with my back. I called Josh and he came to my house and worked on my back. He was very professional, he explained everything he was doing. When he finished he showed me some stretches I could do to help. I highly recommend them. And the price was awesome.

Trish   02 Dec , 2015         

I have been getting massage for over 40 years and this is the best one ever.. Highly Recommend their services.. Beyond Professional

​Jane  17 August, 2016

I am so impressed with Josh! He's not only a GREAT massage therapist, he is so professional! I have multiple spinal issues including a lumbar fusion. Chemo caused degenerative disc disease and all kinds of other fun problems. Josh always sits down with me beforehand to discuss how I'm doing now and what my trouble spots are. He takes his time and is deeply caring and considerate. Then, when we start the massage, that's when he starts the hour... NOT from the time we start talking but from the time he starts the massage!! His prices are GREAT and he is GREAT.
Call Josh for a massage! You will not be sorry and you'll be completely relaxed!

Simple Massage, LLC BBB Business Review

Jen S.  17 February, 2017

Highly recommend Simple Massage! Quality service by a wonderful masseuse. We were very impressed...and loved every minute of this wonderful massage. We were lucky enough to experience them during a Mother's Day event!.

​Laurie  9 January, 2017

Josh came to our house! He was timely & professional. Josh customized our massages to our unique situations! I highly recommend!
Call Josh for a massage! You will not be sorry and you'll be completely relaxed!

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