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$79 per hour                                          $59 per hour
$108 per 1.5
hour                               $88 per 1.5 hour
$138 per 2 hours                                 $118 per 2 hours

$79 per hour                                           $59 per hour
$108 per 1.5
hour                                $88 per 1.5 hour
$138 per 2 hours                                  $118 per 2 hours 

$79 per hour                                            $59 per hour
$108 per 1.5
hour                                 $88 per 1.5 hour
$138 per 2 hours                                   $118 per 2 hours

 In-Home Massage

Want to simplify things and just get a massage for yourself? We all need to unwind. What better way to relax than to have one of our highly qualified licensed massage therapist come over and treat you to a professional, unique experience?


(Our in-home massages include your choice of Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology or our signature combination massage.)

In-Home Chair Massage

We offer chair massages in your home. If you just need a quick relaxation session, then the In-home chair massage is perfect for you! We will send a highly qualified licensed massage therapist to your residence and ensure that you have the best experience possible.

In-Office Chair Massages

Looking for a way to improve employee satisfaction? Then this is the perfect way to show your employees how much you care. Statistics show that with just a few minutes of total relaxation, employee production can increase dramatically. Treat your employees today!

Event Chair Massages

Are you planning a private event, perhaps a bridal shower or a luncheon? Simple Massage can help with that. We can coordinate massage therapists to arrive at your event with massage chairs, music, and a friendly smile. 

New Clients                  Members 

$79 per hour                                        $59 per hour

$108 per 1.5 hour                             $88 per 1.5 hour 

$138 per 2 hours                               $118 per 2 hours                                                  

Relax. Let us do the driving!


Simple Massage

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