Combat Back Pain With Massage

Back and hip pain can be difficult to live with. When we perform our daily routines it usually involves using our backs, and it makes for a difficult time when we are suffering from a sprain or a strain in our backs.

If you have ever "thrown" your back out, or know someone who has, then you know how it feels to be completely helpless. The pain involved leaves us in a state of vulnerability. There is hope, we will discuss the most common types of back pain, what the causes are, and how to remedy the pain with massage.


Some back pain can be caused by these elements:

  • Sprains

  • Strains

  • Soft Tissue Injury

  • Hard Tissue Injury

A sprain is either a stretched ligament or a torn ligament. This would be classified as a soft tissue injury This can be caused by several reasons, but the most common is a sudden jerking movement like falling. The result may result in swelling or bruising of the affected area.

This type of injury usually happens between two bones that connect to one another.

A strain is a stretched or torn muscle or tendon.

Causes of back pain

There are many causes of back pain and most of us can experience it throughout our lifetime. Some of the causes can be attributed to:

  • Lifting heavy objects - it is helpful to use your legs when lifting heavy objects

  • Overuse- getting plenty of rest is vital to recovery.

  • Twisting- constant twisting and lifting can be a result.

  • Bending - bending without using your legs.

  • Poor Body Mechanics - slouching your shoulders or prolonged sitting.

When we injure our back we often do it by overuse. What this means is that we tend to work long hours and sacrifice rest. When the muscles are fatigued from long days they become weak and prone to injury. It is important to exercise and rest.

Massage is key

Massage can be effective in the healing process during both the acute phase (first 72 hrs) and after. It can also have many other positive benefits, such as;

  • Promoting blood flow

  • Aiding in the healing process

  • Decreasing high blood pressure

With light, gentle movements, massage can help reduce the time of inflammation and decrease the healing process altogether. When our bodies relax, they are able to start a regeneration process. This happens during a state when the parasympathetic nervous system takes over. In turn, this allows the healing process to speed up and allows us to get back to the things we love to do!

Massage can be used as a pain preventative and receiving a massage once or twice a week will help with maintaining perfect homeostasis, or a healthier way of living. So, if you are looking to reduce back pain or stop it from happening massage is a crucial additive to your everyday life.


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