You Could Be Dehydrated: Know The Signs Before It's Too Late

February 16, 2018

Ever wonder if you are getting enough water? We all live active lifestyles and sometimes it doesn't help that we live in the desert. We must remember that consuming water is a major component of a healthy life. We will cover the signs of dehydration, how adding caffeine can affect your body and figuring out the best approach to adding the right amount of water to your daily lifestyle!


What Your Body Is Saying? 


Your body is extremely smart. It will let you know when you are dehydrated, you just have to know how to listen.

Signs That You Are Dehydrated


According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the common signs to look for are: 

  • Extreme thirst

  • Less frequent urination

  • Dark-colored urine

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness

  • Confusion 

Ways to Avoid Dehydration 


During the summer months, dehydration stays among the top reasons people visit the emergency room. Early detection can be effective by paying attention to some of the mention signs and taking some proactive steps to avoid being dehydrated. Always bringing a bottle of water with you wherever you go, staying out of the heat, and avoiding too many caffeinated drinks. Remember, it is always a good idea to talk to your physician about ways to prevent and control dehydration. 


Caffeine And Its Effects 


Caffeine is found in most everyday coffee, sodas, and teas. It is even used in some of the protein shakes we make at home. Although caffeine can sometimes be our go to in the morning, gotta jump start the brain, we should know how important it is not to consume too much. It is also important to understand what caffeine does to your body.


According to nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky, RD, drinking too much caffeine in a day can have an effect on dehydration, but you would have to consume over 500mg a day. 


Are You Drinking Enough Water? 


Confused on how much to drink? Here is a good formula to consider;   


You should be consuming around 65% of your body weight (in oz). 


If you weigh 150 lbs, then the equation would look like this: 150 x 60% = 90. that means you should be consuming 90 oz or about 3\4 of a gallon of water a day. Keep in mind this suggested number represents the ounces you should consume when you are idle. If you have a very active lifestyle, consume caffeine, vitamins or prescribed medication the amount should increase. 


If you would like an easy calculator to find your water ratio, one can be found here


If you would like an easy calculator to find your water ratio, one can be found here



Let us know if you have ever suffered from dehydration and what steps you take now to avoid it.

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