Massage: What It Does For Your Immune System

November 2, 2017

 Massage is profoundly important when it comes to building a stronger immune system. Whether you're looking to increase your ability to fight off infections or you are looking for ways to stay afloat during the cold season, massage is the answer. Significant research shows that receiving a massage once, two times are even three times a month can have significant positive benefits to living a healthy lifestyle!


Massage Has Multiple Benefits


The benefits include decreasing: 


  • Depression

  • Back pain

  • Asthma

  • Anxiety

  • Fatigue 


A new study shows there are sustained, cumulative beneficial effects of repeated massage therapy. The effects persist for several days to a week, and differ depending on the frequency of sessions. According to Mark Rapaport, M.D., chairman of psychiatry and behavioral services at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, "massage has a profound effects on the immune system.”


Massage and Other Remedies


There are many things you can do to benefit your immune system